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Centrist America

by on October 19, 2020

An article from ten years ago remains quite accurate. Once again people are pushing from what they – wrongly – perceive to be centrism.

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I write a lot about politics.  In my world-view, that’s frequently the topic to write about on this blog over social commentary.  Most topics begin with or return to politics, and so it’s not a surprise.  I’m not sorry, exactly, that politics is frequently the topic; it is my life, and, as I say, most things begin with or return to politics.  I don’t mean to write about politics exclusively, but once again, here I go writing about politics.

I get to talk to a lot of you, my friends.  Some of you see me as the political Buddha; I often advocate patience and calmness and reason.  And once again, I’m talking about patience and political moderation, although my desire is that things improve much more quickly than what I advocate as reasonable and likely.

In September, 2010, 34.6% of adults were Democrats, and 33.1% were Republicans, according to Rasmussen…

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