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You Are Not On A Deathtrip

by on October 16, 2020

Brothers and Sisters, “Green peace is beautiful! And you are beautiful, because you are here tonight! You came here because you are not on a death trip! You believe in life, you believe in peace, and you want them now!”

The Vancouver Sun ,of Canada, reports that those were the words of Irving Stowe, an American expat who helped found Greenpeace, at the concert held fifty years ago that launched Greenpeace.

The concert, attended by 10,000 people, had Phil Ochs, Chilliwack, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell performing to the outrageous price of $3 a ticket.

The original Greenpeace button designed by Marie Bohlen and her son Paul Noonan in 1970, which was sold for 25 cents. The symbol on top is an “ecology logo” designed by Ron Cobb. Barbara Stowe says “you can tell the original because of the sharp pointy dangerous pin (on the back). Jim (Bohen) and dad (Irving Stowe) couldn’t afford the money for the little safety hook. If you see one with a safety hook it’s a copy.” Courtesy Barbara and Bob Stowe. PNG – from the Vancouver Sun article

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