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Neither Sauron nor Saruman

by on October 20, 2020

Voting for Joe Biden to replace Donald Trump is a bit like voting for Sauron, the fallen wizard, to replace Saruman.

📖 Eye of Sauron | The Tolkien Forum Wiki 📖

I know that we don’t live in a world with elves and wizards, with both a longevity far greater than Methuselah, and that the dwarfs in our world are not ax-wielding warriors under the mountain, but we do live in a world with good and bad, and bad that turns evil.

No reasonable person would vote for Sauron during the Third Age of Middle Earth. Assuming that all the races of elves, dwarfs, hobbits, and everyone else were casting votes for a leader, and Sarumon the White Wizard was up for election, many people, even the elvish leaders and his fellow wizards would vote for Saruman. But they would be deceived.

When exactly did Saruman fall? | J.R.R. Tolkien Books and Movies |™ | The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion -  Part 2

We know that Saruman was a respected leader and that his fellow wizards turned to him for answers and insight. Yet he deceived them.

We know that Biden has been a respected personage in government for a long time and that might be turned to for answers and insight. We would be deceived to think that Biden has any more inclination than Saruman did, or to lead us in a more encouraging direction to the future.

Recall that Saruman, while fallen, became a beggar along the road, looking to turn hobbit against hobbit, and interfere with things like the planting of crops, while working to turn the green countryside brown.

I don’t know what the means to the fact that we are deceived to think that Biden (Saruman) is a great choice to be elected, just because he is running against Trump (Sauron). I do know that electing a fallen wizard to replace the sleepless eye of Mordor is not an encouraging option. We could do better, of course, and elect Radagast or Tom Bombadil.

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