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pi r squared

by on August 24, 2010

You have probably been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to.  That is certainly the idea I gather from your many questions on my facebook asking just that.  I have been elusive in my answer, for many reasons, the best of which is that I myself did not know where I was (in a metaphysical sense) or what I had been up to.  But now, I shall give you some answer.

You know, perhaps, that I finished college.  Hooray! – for now I may attach letters (besides Jr.) to the end of my name.  There’s a strange paradox to college;  if you’ve been to college and done your studies you know that the act of going to college does not give really give you a great boost into the next step of existence (which some people jumped straight into, avoiding for a time, or for good, any further studies than that which is compulsory).  Indeed, college doesn’t provide any great educational boost forward; education is a step-by-step process.  That said, to my friends still working for a degree at college – stay there!  It is for the experience of education, including all its facets of leadership, late-night study, and sometimes pointless classes that you are there.

So, I finished college, and when my temporary employer, the U.S. Census Bureau needed no further work from me, I moved to Washington (state).  Some of you have asked me, how can “BDole” find a job for himself in his major, political science?  I have picked on some of you, my friends, for studying in school, and upon completion of a commendable degree, to have no further inspiration than to continue to work as a checker at a market.  Well, how can I find something permanent in politics?  Politics, and political jobs, are temporary by nature, subject to election and/or funding.  There can’t be a permanent “I have found my job in politics” answer.

Politics may be a temporary job by nature, but it is a permanent game, if game I can call it.  Well! – I didn’t only wander off to Washington, leaving many of you behind, to golf.  I came to see what I could see, and I found some answers – in politics.  I am not, contrary to belief, running against Levi (Johnston) mayor; and although that was a joking guess, you who said that know me very well, for I dropped no hints.  I am, in fact, campaigning for Kevin Van De Wege, incumbent state representative running for reelection. That means, therefore, that I am also campaigning for Steve Tharinger, a current county commissioner, who is candidate to replace the retiring majority leader in the state house of representatives.

Am I just puttering around doing odd jobs for the campaign? Well, yes. The primary just ended ended here, so work is just beginning to pick up. When I come back from my next mysterious vacation, 3,000 miles from Washington, I’ll go very happily into full-time mode, working as if politics is not a temporary job, but a job upon which our collective future depends.

I hope that answers some questions. What have I been doing? Now you know.

  1. go get them!

  2. Rima permalink

    so politics! Are you going to drop by D.C. the center of politics

  3. Angela permalink

    Wow Billy this is totally exciting, and you sound excited, which is always a good sign one is doing some good.
    Scrolled through Mr. Van De Wege’s site, specific achievements and a lack of doublespeak…nice.

    Good for you sir,
    and have fun on your mysterious vacation…

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