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Little white lies

by on August 17, 2010

Blagojevich (the infamous Illinoisan “Blago”) not guilty of anything but lying to the Feds?  And he could get 1-5 years?  That’s fine.  That’s all well and  good.  I don’t care much in any direction regarding Blago except this: Found guilty on one of twenty-four counts, and that one count being lying to the Federal government, under oath or not under oath, what about all those others who have lied, with ample public record to prove it?  I don’t mean Clinton’s quip, to define what the meaning of is is, or other small misstatements.  Take Alberto Gonzalez.  Bush II.  Former secratary Rice.  Rumsfeld.  When do they get 1-5 years for a little white lie, and charged on numerous other counts besides?

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