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Liberty and libertarianism; hope and optimism

by on August 25, 2010

I made a political mistake.  Never try to argue with a libertarian who doesn’t even stop to listen to other views.  Not such a large mistake  to try to engage others, who begin the conversation, in a political discussion; but it is a fruitless effort when only one side of the conversation has reason, has sense, and is willing to listen.

This particular guy, as far as I can gather, is against government to the point of advocating anarchy, but is in favor of the constitution — but is against the 14th Amendment (because Fox says so?).  He is an advocate of non-discrimination (he likes racial and gender equality, etc.), but he  doesn’t think the government should have a role in implementing non-discrimination.  And, in so many words, it seemed that he liked slavery but was against it.

In essence, a political philosophy completely lacking in reason.

But here’s what really gets me…

He doesn’t understand why Americans who disagree with an American policy, foreign or domestic, would stay in America instead becoming an expat.  Why would someone who wants a better healthcare system stay in America?  Why would someone who disagrees with U.S. foreign policy stay in America?  And here is the answer I gave him, and the incredibly frustrating part is that people like him don’t listen.  We engage in politics for the same reason our opponent engages in politics; we believe that we can create a better world.  Instead of running away from a problem, we say we want to fix it.  We have optimism, and we believe problems can be solved.  It is a collective ‘we’ that believes this; all of those of us who have not given up.  Both sides of the political spectrum.  But at least we believe it is worth sticking around to try to improve things.

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