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Hello Mr. or Mrs. Congressperson – Gaza edition May 2021

by on May 19, 2021

It’s hard to know what to do in these dark times when we the news is filled with death, doom, and destruction coming from Israel proper, East Jerusalem, and Gaza – in essence, the Occupied Palestinian Territories plus the land inside the Green Line.

Residential building destroyed Sunday, May 16 (Adel Hana/AP)

The U.S. provides Israel with $3.8billion a year (more than a million dollars a day) in military aid, no questions asked. During this time that Israel is bombing media outlets and killing civilians and children, the U.S. is set to provide Israel with another $735,000,000 (735 million) in arms sales.

The president – Biden – made this decision to authorize this 735million dollar deal, but Congress holds the purse strings. Unless Congress objects to the sale – by tomorrow – Israel will get more weapons to kill more Palestinians. Realistically, Israel will get more weapons.

One of the best ways to remind Congresspeople that Congress is funding human rights abuses is to remind them, gently – or they’ll never listen to you again. It’s a big deal that the annihilation (recently, someone wrote that annihilation doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going on) is happening in Palestine, mainly in Gaza. It’s a big deal that the U.S funds this. It’s important to reach out to your Congressperson without over-reaching out to them (don’t send messages every day). Nonetheless, because this is such a big deal, I’ve written twice to my Congressperson in the last week. Here’s today’s message (if you’re looking for words you can use something like this):

Dear Representative [name],
I’m concerned that the situation in Gaza has reached the point that war crimes are being committed. As of yesterday, May 18, at least 59 children and 35 women have been killed by Israel in Gaza over the last ten days. This information comes from the well-informed UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs.
In addition, more than 40,000 people have been displaced while the COVID pandemic continues in one of the most populated places on the planet. Doctors have been killed, and the hospitals lack electricity.

In an effort to end the US funded of this, will you sign on to HR 2590 and join your colleagues in preventing more arms sales to Israel at this time?

Your efforts to prevent this humanitarian disaster, violations of international law, and US culpability is appreciated.

Thanks for your work,
Your constituent,

Find words. Contact your elected representative in Congress.

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