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Really Now

by on February 11, 2021

The pandemic has offered us opportunities to do things we’d never thought of before. Not only has working from home become a thing but huge conferences that can span the world, rather than just a region or community, have become a thing.

Some organizations already had global reach long before Zoom because a household name. Done right, the reach of virtual technology has now expanded beyond html2 to globally accessible presentations by organizations that focus on injustice on a global scale.

No injustice has more effect on the entire world than climate change. As I heard through the grapevine recently, an elected official pointed out that if don’t fight climate change nothing else matters. One of the best people – also a former elected representative – raising awareness of the actions to fight climate change (the problem doesn’t need to be solved – the solutions already exist, as Greta Thunberg has said), is former Vice President Al Gore.

Through the organization Climate Reality that he founded and runs he usually has trainings in various places worldwide to create leaders in their community to raise awareness about how to combat climate change (I was trained virtually last summer). Last year was the first time Climate Reality organized a virtual training.

Here is where I make a plug to advertise that there’s another free virtual training that Climate Reality is offering, from April 22 — May 2. Acting now, collectively, is essential to address the climate crisis. Don’t look at your schedule and think you can’t do it; last year’s training was live, but it was structured so that everyone in the world could participate, learn, and work together.

The reality is that Climate Reality is a great way to learn to act now to address the climate crisis. Follow the link to sign up.

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