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Hello Mr. Congressman (environment)

by on June 13, 2020

I’m sure we’ve all put stay-in-place orders to good use in a slough of productivity. I’m sure we all have unfinished books sitting nearby and bad artwork we don’t want to put our names to.

In an effort to create the world we want to live in part of my time has been writing to my congressman. I wrote last week about what he will do to prevent Israel’s impending annexation of the West Bank, and today’s writing was about climate change and environmental degradation.

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Rep. —-
This message is prompted by an article published today (June 13) in the Guardian about how our climate change models may have been off, and we are in a worse climate-induced catastrophe than we thought. (See:
My question for you is whether you have cosponsored H.Res 109 supporting the statement that the government must act on climate change. I hope you have done that and gone further, introducing comprehensive legislation that will mitigate climate change, and have pressured your colleagues to join you.
In appreciation in your efforts to ensure our planet remains livable I thank you always for your representation,

Always remember that we have a representative government. Reach our to your representatives. Hello Mr. Congressman ——-

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