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Follow the Adelson Money

by on June 12, 2020

Always remember to follow the money. Phillip Weiss put out a great piece today about how Sheldon and Miriam are poised to give as much as $200 million to Republican causes this year. He explains why, and here’s part of of it:

Look at it from Trump’s point of view. He doesn’t care about peace in the Middle East or Palestinian human rights. He wants one thing, to win in November, and he needs money.

Think of it from the Adelsons’ point of view. Why should they risk $200 million on a loser? Well, because it’s not a losing cause: they get their payback now. They figure that Israeli annexation is permanent no matter what happens to Trump. “Facts on the ground” is the Israeli way of expansion. The embassy move will never be reversed by a Joe Biden. So let’s annex.

Always follow the money.

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