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Queen Meg

by on May 28, 2010

Hey California! Hey what?
Remember Meg Whitman? You might, because so far she has invested $80 million ($80,000,000) of her own money into her candidacy for California Governor, and we’re not out of primary season yet. So, if you watch listen to the radio, or watch tv, you might have heard of Meg. For instance,

“You haven’t seen an ad [on television] from me with the border fence,” Whitman said in an interview with Politico’s Jonathan Martin. “That has been Steve’s campaign,” she said, referring to her GOP primary opponent, Steve Poizner.

However, as her press secretary corrected for her — I guess $80 million doesn’t buy intelligence — she actually has run ads promoting a border fence.

Frankly, I don’t watch much television and I don’t listen to radio. So, as far as television is concerned I have no idea what ads Whitman is running, unless I see them online (and, for that matter, I’m an enumerator for the U.S. Census Bureau and have no idea that ads are running on the televisions about the census). …But today, instead of hearing jazz on the radio I heard Whitman was attacking her opponent, Steve Poizner (he’s only invested $22 million of his own money into the primary for criticizing Prop 13. Not the CA Prop 13 about state officer salary increases, although that would have been a great ad. The CA Prop 13 about property taxation.
Prop 13 (the one about taxation) has devastated California since it was passed in 1978. It limited the tax rate (which sounds awesome, but isn’t because that’s how localities fund things like schools and other socialist — I mean socialized– services), among the many other problems it created.
So, Meg Whitman is attacking Steve Poizner for objecting to the Proposition That Destroyed California? Just in case you forgot, this is the Meg Whitman who doesn’t vote.

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  1. TheGomez permalink

    Clean her clock Steve!

  2. blackwatertown permalink

    $80M of her own money. Sheesh! Who can have that much cash? Nice to know politics has not become distanced from ordinary people.

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