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With love, from Israel

by on June 1, 2010

It was requested that I give an opinion on this article, which describes “The attack on the USS Liberty is one of the great enigmas of US-Israel relations. On June 8, 1967, in the middle of the Six-Day War, Israeli planes attacked an American spy ship, the Liberty, that was in international waters off the coast of Egypt,” and I shall do here because I think the length shall be long. I have been asked, what can’t Israel get away with, especially in regards to U.S. relations?
America was designed to have an ineffective central government. Congress was intentionally designed so that there would be roadblocks and impasse, which indeed have (almost always) happened. The president has control over the armed forces, but there was never meant to be a standing army. America was designed to have an ineffective central government.
Is our government designed to be so ineffective that we can’t make good military decisions, including a diplomatic response to an ally that (probably intentionally) sank a ship of ours and killed our citizens? Yes, we are designed to be that ineffective. Even in the Bush II years, when ‘hawks’ had their greatest advantage, our government had an ineffective military with unclear goals. We’re a giant ship of state that is slow to turn and does not deviate from our inefficient course.
We are the country that entered World War One three quarters of the way through. We are the country that looked the other way for even longer than the British did in hopes of appeasing Hitler and attempting to avoid reality. We are the country that says Communism is a threat because we say it is. We are also the country of Teddy Roosevelt.
America was designed to be inefficient. We were designed to be isolationists without an army.  And so, when we have become a superpower with many satellites (specifically, in this case, Israel), there is nothing for us to turn to in order to comprehend what role we have.  The world of Europe came to be with power fighting equal power, alliances being brokered, and generations understanding the geopolitical struggles against particular neighbors that came before them.  America has none of that.  That is an accidental inefficient design.  America has no history to look back to to understand alliances, control of friendly alliances, or struggles against equal neighboring powers.
So, what can’t Israel get away with? With the United States, unfortunately, they can get away with anything, because the U.S. was designed to be inefficient, and has not had the historical experience to make them capable of having a satellite alliance.

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