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E – – – H Day

by on April 22, 2022

HAPPY E – a -r -t – H DAY

As the bumper sticker says, “Earth without ART would be “EH”.

We have a choice every day that we’re reminded of once a year on Earth Day. That choice is what kind of Earth we want to live on.

We currently live in a world dominated by war and and dependent on fossil fuels. Our dependence on oil means that every year it gets warmer in the summer than the previous year, and colder in the winter than the previous year. And the weather becomes more erratic and stronger.

Instead we could live a life not dependent on oil. Our life could be filled with art – art of our choosing. It could be full or writing and poetry, song, music, and paintings. We could spend our time doing none of those things, and still have a prosperous, enjoyable life.

This day is a good reminder to decide which life we want. Do we want a life of EH, or do we have a life of ART and an E-A-R-T-H? Choose well.

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