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Stopping the Bomb by Bombing

by on November 7, 2020

Nine years ago I wrote this timely article about the perennial threat of Israel bombing Iran, and the threat – or the lack thereof – of nuclear weapons.
This is a great snapshot of history, and many of the same people are still involved in this game of risk.

The Dole Blog

In 2007, then-candidate John McCain blew any chance of serious foreign-policy discussion when he reverted to singing “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.”  Bombing a country is generally considered serious.  We’re long past this faux-pas of McCain’s in the middle of another round of Republican primary season, in which foreign policy is completely ignored.  That’s not the point though.  Bombing Iran is a frequent theme, and if candidates for office aren’t discussing it, policy-makers and observers of international affairs are talking about it.

In July of this year, MJ Rosenberg wrote a fascinating article about the near future.  My experience is that he’s not given to hyperbole of scaremongering, and wasn’t writing to get people excited or vitriolic.  He may have been writing to put the world on guard; or even, to write what would happen in order to prevent it from happening.  Rosenberg was writing, or course, about…

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