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Continue Or Not – inspired by Super Typhoon Goni

by on November 1, 2020

In yet another unheard of and ridiculously destructive natural disaster, the Philippines have been hit by the strongest typhoon (hurricane) in years – maybe ever.

File this under 2020 weird but predictable events because climate change, made worse by human activity, is creating strong and more violent storms every year.

Super Typhoon Goni Now The Strongest Cyclone To Make Landfall Since 2013's  Haiyan | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel |

This year might be the coolest and least destructive – as far as natural disasters are concerned – in the next hundred years and beyond.If we act to mitigate climate change and end burning of fossil fuels, end fracking, and stop cutting down trees, we can survive. If we continue on our current course, this is just a precursor of what’s to come for all our kids.

When I say we need to act, I’m not merely referring to growing our own gardens or using solar energy to to power our household needs. While these are important and useful acts, it is corporations – run by people – that do most of the damage to our environment.

The actions we need to take are to demand that our governmental representatives hold corporations – and agencies run by the government, like the military – responsible for the damage they’ve done to the environment, and to transition in the next few years entirely to renewable energies and non-destructive behavior. If we do this, there will be a future for our species. If we don’t act we will quickly see disasters that could have been prevented happen at an increasingly rapid pace.

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