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La Resistance!

by on August 18, 2020

I recently talked to my Congressman about legislation he should be working on. And by saying I did this, I joined a group of people who said more than me, and by Congressman I mean his local and D.C-based staffers. We were enjoining him to sign on to legislation that mitigates or abolishes harm that has been done by nuclear weapons, with the end goal of denuclearization.

To his credit my Congressman has signed on to some good legislation regarding nuclear weapons. There is also legislation regarding nuclear weapons he hasn’t signed on to. My Congressman, who is retiring (and by retiring I mean that he’s now running for state office) seems reticent to challenge Trump.

In fact, that seems to be the attitudes of the Democrats. The staffers, who live and breathe politics, confirmed that Mr. Congressman and many Democrats don’t want to sign on to to legislation that would challenge Trump’s authority, including bills that would affirm that no president can start a war – nuclear or otherwise – without authorization of Congress.

Remember that this is goes against the Constitution, which declares that only Congress can start a war. It is true that for the last seventy-five years, since the end of WWII, the president has gone around the Constitution, and started wars; it also seems that as La Resistance! the Democrats would want to at least, as he opposition party with a majority in the House, sign on to a bill reminding the president that only Congress can start a war.

However, La Resistance! thinks otherwise, and mainly issues platitudes.

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