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Today’s letter to the Democratic Party

by on May 30, 2020

I wrote the following to the Democratic Party today. They can be contacted on the “contact us” page on their website:

Dear Democratic Party leadership,
As a fellow Democratic I’m writing to you concerned that Joe Biden is incapable of winning this election.
I am also concerned about Joe Biden’s ability to lead should he be elected. He has repeatedly said, even in the middle of this pandemic, that he will not support universal healthcare. He’s also against a massive overhaul of our dependency on fossil fuel, and other human actions that hurt our planet. At best, we have a few years left before we’re past the point of no return on the environment.
Biden has said a lot of things that can, individually, be taken as gaffes. They add up to a systematic disregard for many things, including the current anger boiling over due to the racially motivated death in Minnesota, and the events like it that happen all over the country.

Now is the time for a leader.

Please inform the Joe Biden that it is either time to lead in a way he never has, or it is time to step aside and allow the voting people to elect a leader that we need.

With regards and appreciation with the work you do to represent the people,

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