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Rachel Corrie: Looking Back and Moving Forward

by on March 16, 2020

March 16 is always a good time to remember Rachel Corrie. This year she would be approaching 41, undoubtedly in the prime of a meaningful career. In fact, any day would be good to remember Rachel – Land Day, UN Children Day, Nakba Day, Human Rights Day, or her April birthday.

It’s worth remembering the Palestinian activists – health, unhealthy, dead, and alive – who have, and who are, fighting for Palestinian rights and for human rights.

It is also worth remembering, now and at other times, Tom Hurdal, and Jo Cox, as well as Heather Heyer. These are just some of the familiar white activist deaths that make it in to Western media. So many of these stories are forgotten as another event occurs.

Rachel’s story has never been forgotten and it has inspired communities across the globe in the past, in the present, and it surely will in the future.

On this day let’s look back and look forward. Look back at the work we’ve been inspired to do, and forward at the fact that we’ve been inspired to continue this work.

As a full disclosure, I am on the policy committee for the Rachel Corrie Foundation to Peace and Justice. I wrote this for myself, to share with the Foundation, to be shared at the annual March 16 pot luck in celebration of Rachel’s life. The event isn’t happening this year.

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