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by on March 2, 2020

There are always choices in politics, as there is in life. You can vote for things stay the same (status quo), to get regress (conservative), or to make an effort to change for the better (progressive).

Now really, if things stay the same they never improve and therefore they eventually become regressive.

Conservative politics regresses farther than status quo politics. Not only is it not content with the current state of affairs, but conservatism try to revert the politics body to some antiquated – and fictional – past in which everyone fights for themselves and everyone -mainly the rich – are content.

Then the questions arises: do we regress back forty years, or one hundred? Which golden age of inequality do we which to emulate? Is it inequality of wealthy, or inequality of wealth and of civil rights?


If we choose progress, is it incremental, or deep structural change? Who, besides people who promote inequality of wealth and of civil rights, benefits from incremental change. Incremental progress merely creates a new regressive status quo.

Progress – real progress – ensures that everyone has rights, and that everyone’s well-being is accounted for.


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