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by on November 7, 2019

Why was this blog silent for a while?  Why have I suddenly posted a few times this week?

All of us who write run out of ideas.  We run out of time.  The energy that could be devoted to writing goes somewhere else.

I have two computers.  On my older on I have all my documents and games – it’s starting to run slow after several years.  The newer one is mainly used for browsing the internet and syncing photos.

On my older computer, which is a PC, was for several years the computer I used to write blogs.  It still is, because it has all my sources.   And then one day (once upon a time?), basic functions on the blog – like “Write” a new blog – stopped working.

I got distracted in life.  A master’s degree.  Attempts to organize my sources into something longer than a blog ….

Last week I found the time an energy to want to write a short blog.  I opened WordPress and once again I was stymied by the fact that the “Write” function never opened (like the server was pinging the request and receiving no response).  I decided to log out of WordPress – there was no point in being logged in if I could do nothing.  And then, to log back in to WordPress.

Passwords are always an issue.  Do I autosave a password?  Do I need a different password for the dozens of websites that has asked me for a password?  What would I lose if some hacker gained access to my computer because of my password – do I have any resources to lose anyway?!?

It might be best to not tell you how, but I logged back in to WordPress.  And lo and behold, if you’re religious, or voila if you feel French, basic WordPress functions like “Write” worked again.

Clearly, my computer had a some point done something like adding a script to my browser, which prevented WordPress from allowing me to do things until I logged out and logged back in.  It reminds me of the time the internet stopped working in my apartment once – my roommate and I spent hours doing everything we could think of on the back side of the server, until it occurred to us to press the restart button on the router.

It’s encouraging to know that I can write from my computer that has my sources.  How often will I write?  What will I write about?  I don’t know.  If there was nothing more to life than WordPress, it would be a lot easier to say.

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