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Friday the Thirteenth

by on September 13, 2019

The Dole Blog

Many people consider Friday the Thirteenth an unlucky date.  I don’t even need a citation for that.  You know it’s true.  But you do know why many people consider Friday the Thirteenth to be unlucky?  An internet search could tell you the same thing that I will summarize for you.  My source is Holy Blood, Holy Grail.  Whether the book got some historical guesses wrong, which they now claim, the history of Friday the Thirteenth is very real and not guess work.

Many of you have heard of The Knights Templar, thanks to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and other recent readings.

The Knights Templar came into existence in the 12th Century, at best guess.  Certainly they existed by the early 12th Century, because they were being written about between 1175 and 1185, and had already been around for a guess of fifty years.  According to Guillaume de Tyre…

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