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Failure to ask why it’s in your wallet

by on July 31, 2019

The news once again fails to ask the right question.  It asks, regarding the data breach of Capital One why it’s the company that pays for the breach and not the poor, unemployed, person who took the credit card data.

The question should be, why does Capital One have personal information?  Why are their credit cards, and why is a an employed person forced to take other people’s data to try to have money?  Indeed, why do have value employment as a necessity for survival?

Why does Capital One exist as a credit card company, and why does does it collect personal information?  Ignore the fact that in our current system, in order to have credit, some personal information is required.  But why are their credit cards?  The only rational reason is to drive people into poverty (that again begets the question of why money is a requirement for existence.).

That’s not rational at all.  It’s irrational that people are required to spend more than they have in order to have things required to exist in the modern world.

It’s irrational that we have to give a company our personal information in order to survive.

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