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I do protest

by on May 8, 2018

To disagree.  To object.  To act against.  To protest!

Protestant, Reform, middle-of-the-road, Reconstructionist – thy do protest!

Do thy act in protest, or is your protest to act not?  Either is an act, but one is protest by passive submission to thy won or lost cause.

I do protest.  I do protest with thee, or against thee, depending on what you stand for.  For justice?  For liberty?  For corporations?  For people?

Protest against injustice.  That’s what we think we do.  I think it’s unjust to subjugate.

You’ve claimed your land.  The land was theirs and still is.  Now you both and neither have the land, for one has lost it to oppression and the other cannot claim it justly so.

Put into clear words: Israel has claimed Israel.  The land was Palestinian and still is.  Neither Israel (or Israelis) or Palestinians have the land, because Palestine lost the land to more than seventy years of a continuous Nakba (catastrophe) and Israel cannot morally claim land by unilateral decision.

But wait!  White man cometh to the new world and taketh land.  And see, we struggle with that still.

Now do we oppose oppression, and do we protesteth?

Without scientific studies to back me up, I will observe that Jews in this mighty New World (specifically the U.S. of A.) are mighty quiet about white Jews oppressing Others in Israel.

The Others, specifically, are Palestinians which include Muslims, Christians, Druze, and non-white Jews.  Do thee protest?  Passing judgement on myself, I say I do try.

Now there be exceptions to the rule of being mighty quiet.  Commendable.  And do ye support these exceptions?  Do ye notice them?

To protest.  To boycott.  To divest.  To sanction.

Does it matter?  All protest matters.

What dost thou protest?  How do thee protest?  Do you take action?  Do you stand against injustice?

Act now.  Protest now.  Protest against injustice.

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