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Grand Old Persons

by on December 14, 2017

The FCC just repealed Net Neutrality, which means I have time to write this, but don’t get paid by the word and get charged by the second (exaggerations: neither happens – yet).  For “What Is Net Neutrality” see a BCC video by that same name (no firewall, I think).

In representative democracy, which the United States thinks it has, a whole bunch of votes that are counted gives some representative the power to make decisions and appoint other people to make other decisions on their behalf.

The Federal Communications Commission is appointed by the executive branch of the federal government – with the usual confirmation by the Senate.  This means that the president appoints the FCC, which means that votes matter.

The government, like all other institutions, makes policy.  Policy can be given and be taken away, and policy can benefit or (and?) harm.

We can all take guesses why someone who used to represent a corporation would want to propagate a rule that benefits a corporation.  Maybe the law says corporations are people, and that other Grand Old Person just wants to make sure these corporation-persons don’t go underrepresented.  Maybe this Grand Old Person just is trying to represent the views of the executive branch.

*There are is in fact more than one Grand Old Person

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