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Manmade Fantasy

by on August 29, 2017

We are more devastated by, and more interested in, death, doom and destruction in fictional worlds than our own world.  Why?

Why are we more interested in a fictional world than our own?  The world awaits the next broadcast of Game of Thrones, even though (perhaps because) there is no happiness in Westeros.  The world loves Lord of the Rings and the Mountain of Doom.  The list goes on.

Why are we interested in these fictional worlds but not in our own?  Why do we ignore thousands of deaths in foreign lands, and conflict close to home?  Why do we turn the other way from oppression, abroad and at home?

Perhaps we are happy to fictional characters suffer doom so we are reminded that we don’t endure such a life.  At least, most of us don’t.  Doom and destruction in war is as manmade as the fiction we await the next episode of.

We created it.  We can’t ignore it.

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