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Plastic Change

by on June 20, 2017

It is time to give up our plastic habits.  Plastic is both a material (noun) and a material that can be molded, or can change (adjective).   Plastic, the noun, has changed our consumption patters and is widely acknowledged as damaging to our bodies,  as well as our environment.

It is so easy and so hard to give up plastic.  It should not be hard to say NO to that plastic lid or that plastic straw.  However, much of our food, and drink is packaged in plastic, while toys and so many other consumer products are made from plastic that can’t be recycled.

Too much of that plastic ends up in the ocean, where plastic might soon outweigh fish.  More plastic, which you should  say no to, is on an otherwise pristine, uninhabited, island.

Can you say no to the plastic?  Will you make an effort to buy the edible plastic rings that go on your favorite six pack?  How about the biodegradable garbage bags?

It’s time to make a change plastic habits, not plastic that changes.

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