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It Doesn’t Fly

by on March 26, 2017

In all its infinite wisdom the Grand Old Party, Washington State legislative version, would like to reject negotiated pay raises for state employees.  Kindly, the GOP suggests offering workers a flat $500 wage, although in Washington, the legislature has now power to negotiate pay raises.

That power lies with the governor’s office to negotiate contracts, and the legislature votes yes or no, without amendments such as altering the terms of the agreement.

A wonderful Yiddish phrase  captures this waste of time by the Grand Old Party.  Nisht geshtoygn un nisht gefloygn translates as ‘didn’t climb up and didn’t fly.’  As the article kindly put it, it means bullshit, or whatever was said was a fable, not the truth.

The WA GOP, having been told before that they cannot create alternatives to negotiated state employee contracts, could better spend their time fulfilling their duty to the state constitution and properly fund education.  The McLearly decision five (5!) years ago prompted the state court to fine the legislature, and and remind it of its obligation to fund public (K-12) education.

That being too hard,the GOP continues its delaying tactics of proposing changes to issues it knows it can’t legislate or further negotiate.

It doesn’t climb and it doesn’t fly.



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