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(Temporary) Peace Out

by on September 11, 2016

I have tried to keep this blog going, and to keep the content informative.  I will try to continue to do so, but life might once again get in the way.

My sources inform me that I’m beginning a masters program (tomorrow!?!).  Specifically, a Masters in Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World, at the University for Peace, mandated by the U.N., and hosted in one of the world’s more peaceful places – Costa Rica.  (I’m taking distance education for convenience, but still, there is a school in Costa Rica dedicated to peace.)

It sounds kind of exciting, but there’s so much I wanted to write about here.

I’ve been gathering hundreds of sources – enough to write a book – about Israel, Palestine, the U.S.  It sounds kind of like Fateful Triangle, but different.

There’s also the presidential race.  Every year we’re told this is the most important election of our life, and it sure seems it’s true this year.  It also makes me wonder what might happen in 2018, or 2020.  I have so many sources, and so much to say …

There’s the environment.  It’s kind of important, and there’s a lot to say and not enough time to say it.  Somebody has to do something about this time thing.

There’s race relations.  That needs fixing, not just talk.

There’s the economy.  After all, money makes the world go ’round.  Until then, though, make sure to read some works by Michael Lewis.

So, to use the common phrase, peace out.


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  1. Hana Dole permalink

    “Peace out” to you as you begin a new challenge Bill. It’s tough to fix the world but you’re always trying.

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