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Coming together and falling apart

by on July 27, 2016

The Democrats are disunited.  Inside the Democratic National Convention there is no unity, with delegates walking out in protest, and chanting “no more war” when Penetta spoke.  Outside, it’s disorganized and disunited.  People don’t know where events are, people don’t know where to go.

The party being disunited, the sentiment on the street from true Bernie supporters is against party unity – that is, they are not (we are not) suddenly supporting Hillary Clinton.

The people united, it felt more like a gathering of friends who had never met.  Bernie supporters met each other on the street corner, cheered and pump fists at one another, and sometimes talked for several minutes.  Most agreed they would never vote for Hillary, and would write in Bernie or vote Jill Stein, depending on what their state allowed.

Many spent the day sightseeing.  We saw other at the liberty bell, at Independence Hall, City Hall, and many streets between.

The people are united, and the party is in disarray.

Not the planned result, I think …



One Comment
  1. Hil Klein permalink

    How sad and depressing that you are so willing to destruct. It’s as if you don’t care about global warming, health care, the environment, and future generations. Biting off your noses to spite your faces.

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