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I’m tired of having a Boehner

by on July 1, 2014

Did you know that John Boehner is considering suing the president?

Why?  Because the president is trying to use his powers to act on immigration reform, which Mr. Speaker Boehner refuses to do.

I hardly need to remind you that the president has executive powers (he is, after all, the head of the executive branch), and that the Supreme Court has repeatedly rule that he has the power to enforce the law of the land.

The game of politics can be played in many ways.  Sometimes only one player knows how to play, and sometimes a player gets outplayed.

The president is sending a clear message to Speaker Boehner. He is daring Boehner to sue him, because by threatening a lawsuit, the Speaker has opened the door to the entire discussion about why Congress doesn’t get anything done. More importantly, the focus is shifting towards the matter of who is responsible for the lack of legislative action in Congress.

Boehner’s lawsuit has the potential to change the 2014 election. Republicans thought that they were going to be able to run on the idea that President Obama is a tyrant whose power must be checked, but the threat of the lawsuit has caused millions of voters who might have been content to sleep through 2014 to wake up and pay attention.


If he isn’t careful, the lawsuit against Obama could end up being one of Boehner’s last major acts as Speaker.

I’m not in Boehner’s district.  I don’t get to vote for him.  But if you are in his district you should consider, while voting, whether Boehner’s losing play is a big part of the game.  I hope he get’s “Cantored,” as Patty Murray called it.

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