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by on November 27, 2012

Well, thanksgiving has come and gone (happy thanksgiving!) and I have been unusually quiet on this blog.

Among various other reasons such as writers block, last month I got up and realized I was getting nowhere in life.  So, went to the local law school and asked to speak to an admissions officer.  I’d applied to some other local schools before, but didn’t feel inspired to stay around and pursue a degree even though I got in.

But this time, I felt inspired and ready, and I was admitted to law school.

Usually, of course, schools start in August or September and end sometime around May. But here at Empire College of Law school starts five times a year with intro classes before the first semester.  So I’m taking a rushed five-week session of Intro to Law, and Legal Research and Writing.

Our world so often revolves around facebook and other social networking (and/or time-wasting) sites, and people so often write every little thing that they are doing that they may or may not succeed at, that I resolved not to make a public service announcement about law school on facebook.  If writing here, which will import to facebook, breaks that resolution, oh well.

Additionally, people who read my blog (I suppose there are a few of you out there), who have heard through personal messages (rather than mass messages) that I am in law school, have requested some sort of law blog.

Without further ado, then, I will try to comment on some news that we can all find that has legal pertinence, and maintain a law blog here, in addition to some other blogging.

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  1. Chief Justice Ruggles permalink

    But will your next entry involved my case?

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