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Tood Much Good Ivy League Stuff

by on April 5, 2012

It’s campaign season, so of course it’s time to accuse former friends and former enemies of accomplishments.  It’s the time to renounce personal accomplishments such as health care reform and desire for peace.  During campaign season, which is perpetual and perennial, dreams become reality and reality becomes irrelevant.

The latest in campaign antics has just arrived.  “Mitt Romney continued his verbal assault on President Obama on Thursday, accusing him of spending too much time at Harvard.” Both president and candidate attended the prestigious institution; “it’s an odd attack coming from a fellow Harvard graduate, especially considering Romney spent more time at the Ivy League institution than Obama did.”

There’s no surprise that Romney pulls randomness such as this out of this air – as a politician, it’s his job – but it exemplifies perfectly both the problem with a perpetual campaign and a human affairs in general.  There are, after all, those who really know and those who just feel (video).  And they are, each thinks, right.  Right, and the other must be wrong.  Or at least, not as right, not as correct, and not as reliable or grounded in reality.

Well, until someone says something else, this is the good stuff from the campaign.

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