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Iran, briefly

by on October 22, 2011

Yesterday I had the lack of pleasure of engaging in a one-sided conversation in which I did not do the speaking.  She who was speaking at me was talking about how peace will not come to the world until the uninformed are informed, and that the whole problem with society is misinformation.  You may well imagine the staccato in which this was said – you’ve heard these people before.  Iran entered the conversation.  Does Iran have nuclear weapons?  Clearly, yes, because Iran is said to have nuclear weapons.

Now, I can only go on information here, but the International Atomic Energy Agency, the international regulatory agency in charge of nuclear power, says that Iran is nowhere close to nuclear capability.  Additionally, in speaking about the horrors Iran has in store for America, and misinformation in the information age, Mississippi asked Iran to send doctors to teach an American state about how to run healthcare.  This is an AP article; it’s hardly fair to blame the media alone for keeping us misinformed.

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