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Obama’s Status of Forces

by on October 21, 2011

Presidents get very little credit for doing things they said they would do, and that we want done.  Obama announced today that “America’s war in Iraq will be over” by the end of the year.  This is what he promised us, and this is what he ran on in 2008.  Still, it feels like there’s a feeling of “meh, well he told us he’d end the war.  Big deal.”  It’s not a feeling of sarcasm, but of indifference.

I am indescribably glad that we’re ending a war we should never have started.  I also value a president that keeps his word, especially when he keeps his word on a policy or action I agree with.  Also, I praise Obama for ending a war.  Very few presidents get to announce that a war has ended.  Still, I feel like it won’t be remembered as a major accomplishment that Obama ended a war.  The media will rush off to the next conflict, protest, or attention-deficit grabbing topic.

Pause for a moment, and give President Obama credit for bringing our troops home.

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