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Technology We Expect To Be There, Part Two

by on October 13, 2011

For the second time in a month, I announce that I was without wireless internet in my domain (er, home),which severely limited my ability to write social commentary here.

Indeed, I can quote myself from a few weeks ago, and the statement is almost the same.

If you’ve been following along you may have noticed a lapse in fairly regular discourse here.  As I was preparing a many-part series about, and to be begun on, 9/11 the technology so may of us take for granted was turned off.  Lacking in wireless internet, my internet was limited to hard-wiring my computer in other rooms in the house, or Starbucks.

I now have wireless internet, for which I am doubly thankful now that I’ve experienced trying to write, email, facebook, and work without a dependable connection.

I have returned, with a backlog of things to write about, about ten days of news I’ve missed, and things that should be done.

Unlike various government agencies, including the Post Office, which face shut down or reduction in funding, I think I can continue to provide my usual services now that I have internet.

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