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Vulture Fund

by on August 26, 2011

Boy, do I admire satirist Jason Linkins.  He takes that which is inherently worthy of a laugh – politics – and allows us to laugh about it.  Despite the fact that he is in the Beltway – of perhaps because he is a comedian within it – Jason Linkins manages to frequently write about topics that the mainstream media ignores.  For instance:

See, what’s happening is that the Treasury Department, acting in concert with some other federal agencies, has submitted a “Request For Information” about this big pile of sad homes we “won” in the financial inferno of 2008. As the article notes, the point of an RFI is to stage a private sector consultation about the best way forward. However, the private sector interests here have already come up with the plan — the federal government just has to go through these motions to make whatever comes next technically legal, while hoping that taxpayers don’t loudly object. If there’s no massive protest, the federal government will proceed to make a bargain-basement offer for this housing portfolio.

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