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Dead Drunk

by on July 2, 2011

If you had to suffer through “The Sun Also Rises” as part of your education, don’t worry, the author suffered more.  “Hemingway — who wrote what he knew — suffered from kidney and liver problems, hypertension, cramps, diabetes, insomnia, bloody urine, and (worst of all) erectile dysfunction….The book’s characters drank more than a hundred and fifty types of alcohol on nearly eight hundred occasions, just like their creator before lunch.”  Today is the fiftieth anniversary of Hemingway’s suicide , so if, like the author, you find you have “dark, broody, and mysterious [temptations]; [and] possess inexplicable desires and tempestuous temperaments,” don’t worry: “alcohol isn’t about expressing this torment. The whole point is burying it deeper.”  Happy anniversary, Hemingway!

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  1. Sheryl permalink

    NPR did a whole thing on EH this morning. I found it entertaining and ultimately sad. As a side note, I was reading about Ava Gardner last night and there’s a story about her spending time with Ernest. One day/night she swam nude in his pool and he immediately ordered (of his house staff) that the pool was never to be emptied.
    P.s. I hold onto random bits of information such as this. My first car license plate 318tgu. Yet, I can’t remember what I did a month ago.

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