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Making a terrorist

by on April 1, 2011

Hey, remember that whole thing about a mosque right next to Ground Zero?  Of course, any building in New York City is ‘right next to’ where the Twin Towers once stood.  We might as well scream that apartments are being renovated and could be purchased by non-white folk.  Scary!  That mosque thing, which was really a community center, had a guy in Florida so mad he wanted to burn the Quran.

Well, that was last year.  Guess what happened, after a year of what must have been torture (not a word to be used lightly in America anymore) for that Floridian pastor so intent on burning the Quran?  He did it!  He put the Quran on trial, found it guilty of not being sacred, torched it in kerosene … and guess what happens to something after you pour kerosene on it and add fire?

Last year, a few hundred thousand not-so-dumb people from all sorts of religions, political persuasions, and skin color told this pastor Terry Jones not to burn the Quran.  General Petraeus told Rick Sanchez: “that there was nothing brave about burning the Quran over here while our soldiers pay the consequences over there — in Afghanistan, Iraq and now, Libya.”  Last year, Terry Jones didn’t burn the book.  This year he did.  Want to guess the result?  It cost us lives.

If you want people you think are ‘terrorists’ (international) or ‘criminals’ (domestic) to win, tell them that that they are a terrorist or a criminal…and then give them means to prove it.  Goad them into committing an act that you can call a terrorist act, and you’ve got yourself a terrorist.  Yes, do that if you want them to win, because by giving them reason to be violent – to terrorize or to be a criminal – you give them a cause and a reason.

My guess is that Terry Jones wants to prove that Muslims are terrorists.  He does this by giving them a reason to commit something that can be called an act of terrorism.  He’s proved his point.  Are the people – given circumstances I would say Muslims – who killed aid workers in retaliation of Jones’s Quran burning to blame?  Sure.  Jones has made terrorists out of them.  In the process, Jones sunk to a lever far below a terrorist.

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One Comment
  1. Sheryl permalink

    Exceptional piece. I’ve been thinking about this most of the day and I just shake my head -wondering why people are such pieces of shit. Sorry this comment is not particularly intellectual but it’s all I got given these events.

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