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To investigate those who do not agree

by on February 24, 2011

In a few days Israel’s Knesset will vote on a bill.  That, in itself, is not news.  The bill, however, is not standard, although I suppose it falls under the classic definition of the role of the state: health, welfare, morals.  It “would establish two parliamentary commissions of inquiry to probe human rights groups and other non-governmental organizations perceived as leftist, anti-Israel, or pro-Palestinian.”

The vote has not yet happened; I cannot answer whether two Israeli-Arabic representatives in the Knesset will choose to go to the Arab League summit happening at the same time as this vote, nor can I describe whether six Jewish Israelis who were invited will choose to be at the J Street summit, a first-time event promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace, in Washington D.C.  All eight of those representatives are opponents of the bill.

I can say with certainty, because they said so themselves, that several conservative members of the Knesset oppose the bill.  Conservatives have a majority in the Knesset, 65 of 120 seats, but nine members of Netanyahu’s coalition (remember that there are several parties which form a coalition) have announced they will not vote for the bill.

More will be revealed.

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