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Writing Here and Now

by on January 11, 2011

I write here and bombard you, my reader with news and thoughts.  I don’t imagine that’s a bad thing, but I write from my point of view, which is different than, and influences, your view.  I do not think that these news and thoughts are a bad thing, and I attempt to recognize my own biases and approach my writings in a universal sense – that is, that they apply to more than just me.

Clearly, I want to write here about something that applies to you as well as to me.  However, I frequently write of politics, and politics is naturally divisive, because we do not get what we want.  I make an effort not to be impulsive, or to write of news without studying some history, and hopefully the ramifications as well; writing of events and viewpoints increases awareness of interconnectedness and collective consciousness, which makes it clear that it is important to understand and appreciate multiple views.

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