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Similarities and Differences

by on January 5, 2011

I have a very different view of the world than the Tea Party does, and therefore that worldview is very similar.  As I have shown before, the Tea Party is made up of disparate factions, is comprised at some level like a multi-marketing pyramid scheme, and thinks that its view is the correct worldview.  I too contain disparate factions, interested in pursuing different means to the same end; the same end the Tea Party desires, which is to create a better world.

I think that my worldview is the correct view, and that society should pursue peace and social justice and economic redistribution.  It is mostly comforting to think that I have the correct worldview, and the discomfort arises out of a  learned trait to believe my interests are not mine alone.  Does the Tea Party question, on occasion, that their worldview is the right view?

I am inexpert regarding many parts of the world, including Egypt.  I have no great knowledge of Egypt beyond what grade school teaches.  However, I desire to learn about people, places, and things – nouns – beyond borders that have been drawn up.  Does the Tea Party?  I am both like and unlike them.  Some concepts are universal, and at the same time, bipolar concepts.  Some concepts are both like and unlike; justice and injustice, wealth and poverty, respect and disrespect.

This week the 112th House of Representatives begins, and Republicans and Tea Party Representatives (akin very much like Death Eaters and the Ministry are one and the same in the final Harry Potter book) maintain or enter office to “shake things up” and “take their country back.”  My views are both like and unlike theirs.  How will they represent the views that they do not agree with.  Will it be like Egypt?

I accuse the host of MPs and government officials who cannot help but take their own personal bigotries along to the parliament, or to the multitude of government bodies, national and local, from which they exercise unchecked, brutal yet at the same time hopelessly inept authority.

And finally, I accuse the liberal intellectuals, both Muslim and Christian who, whether complicit, afraid, or simply unwilling to do or say anything that may displease “the masses”, have stood aside, finding it sufficient to join in one futile chorus of denunciation following another, even as the massacres spread wider, and grow more horrifying.

We have reached the point where elected representatives take their own bigotries to the halls of congress. We have reached the point of hopelessly inept authority. We, elected and not elected, have become complicit, afraid, and unwilling to say anything that may displease the masses. We have not become violently disagreeable.  Our world is both very similar and very different.

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  1. Rima permalink

    I wonder if the intellectuals and leaders of all groups(excluding politicians) have tried ro stand up to spread reason and peace but can’t get their voices heard. So I accuse the media of not finding those intellectuals and reporting their point of view.

    As for the government representatives: They have always brought their own bigotries to congress and have always been inept. That was reached in 1779. But wherebisbthe outrage of the people. The only grass roots group seems to be the tea party. Why do we not hear the voice of the other 98 0/0? Are we not interesting enough or have the people really become apathetic.

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