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American Values

by on December 16, 2010

Interestingly, I just wrote about European Values, mostly immigration and religious or ethnic purity; now I’m writing about American Values.
For the past decade we Americans have been terrorized by fear of terror. For the incoming 112th congress, there seems to be little difference between immigration and terror.

Foreigners and terrorists: Really, what’s the difference? That the nation has grown and prospered precisely because of adaptive immigration is beside the point, an obvious reflection of someone caught in the old mindset of the September 10th world. Interestingly, though, only about 8 percent of those who cast ballots in the 2010 election cited immigration concerns as their primary motivator. Of those who did, however, nearly 70 percent were Republicans.

Somehow, that doesn’t exemplify the fear our government and populace bounce off one another well enough. Society is a collective, and that includes our state of mind.

The American collective state of mind has become incapable of making the elementary, basic distinction between personal preference and law. To raise the matter with colleagues and friends is to elicit responses dictated solely by what one thinks of Wikileaks, Assange and their doings. That is a logical non sequitur and ethically obtuse. My personal feelings about them have nothing to do with my judgment about the illegality and arbitrariness of what our government is doing. Nor should it. One should be fierce in denouncing this violation of our principles and laws whatever/whomever the object of the abuses. We used to understand that….
How have we reached this point? The obvious answer is fear — fear exploited by self-serving elected officials whose own political interests trump their oath of office to protect and obey the constitution of the United States of America. Fear and the craven behavior it spawns. Supposedly we are a people whose bravery keep us free — supposedly.

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