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by on October 28, 2010

I think Andrew Sullivan says it best.

As for future politics, Americans overwhelmingly trust the Dems on healthcare, favor the GOP on debt reduction (go figure) and split between the parties on creating jobs. But here’s the critical thing: a whopping 78 percent want the Republicans to compromise with Obama rather than stick to their positions in the next two years; 76 percent want the Dems to do the same; and a slightly lower percentage, but still overwhelming, wants Obama to compromise too: 69 percent.
…72 percent say that Obama will compromise; but only 46 percent say the Republicans will. I’d say that gives Obama clear edge in future politics, and helps explain why he remains more popular than anybody else in politics, has a solid 46 percent rating even in a deep recession and has higher favorables than anyone else.

He is right and the lefties are wrong. He will be a much stronger and more transformational president if he sticks to pragmatism, avoids culture war fights, and keeps his focus on policy as much as politics. This is the GOP high-point; and as you survey the attitudes of Gingrich, Pence, Palin and McConnell, you can’t help but think they are walking directly into the same hubristic trap as Gingrich before them.

They have campaigned on no compromise; yet the public wants them to. If they don’t, they look obstructionist; if they do, they lose their base. As long as Obama keeps his cool, and the economy continues to recover, he’s looking good.

Despite what I cited earlier about Republicans wanting to destroy Obama personally and politically, I think it’s also true that the public (in general) wants compromise. And I would hazard a guess that both the destruction and the compromise will occur.
I don’t have much else to add. This was wonderful writing by Andrew and I suggest you read it all (it’s short).

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