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The mistakes we make

by on October 20, 2010

I was forming this thought a couple of night ago in bed, after I had turned off my computer. Anderson Cooper just reminded me of my thoughts.  I’m a political science major and I spend my day engrossed in politics.  Despite that, thre’s a lot about politics I don’t know, or I don’t get right – mostly little things like actual percentages and numbers in billions – although I have the general idea down.

So I’m just thinking that most people in a profession experience the same thing; they don’t have all the facts of their chosen topic down.  Most have it close; usually we can remember most general ideas most of the time.  But I’d bet you that Obama doesn’t know everything all the time.  That’s why he has advisers, and they’re constantly studying things and trying desperately to get the facts right too.

I’ll be you scientists don’t always get all their facts right.  Or mathematicians.  Or businessmen.  Or teachers.  Or candidates:

“I’m sure most of us get confused about which amendment is which, I certainly do,” Cooper said. “But most of us aren’t running for Senate, and most of us don’t claim to be constitutional experts, as Christine O’Donnell has certainly come close to doing just that.”

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