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What’s wrong with America?

by on October 17, 2010

What’s wrong with America?  The media is constantly informing us that there are major problems in American politics.  Congressional approval is dismal.  Presidential approval mirrors that of Reagan, which is cool, but I wouldn’t take it as a compliment.  Everyone is yelling about problem this and problem that, and all the people yelling think that politicians should fix their problems – some think that politicians should fix problems, and others think that in order to fix problems there should be no politician – and all sorts of elected officials get pulled in every direction by more and more screaming people.

And everyone yells, “let’s be originalists!” and thinks we must go by the word of the Founding Fathers, but the white guys that did the founding disagreed with each other in everything they wrote.  PROBLEM!

You don’t have to be a history major – but you probably did have to pay attention in high school history – to have learned that our government was to not function.  Yes, that’s right, our government was designed so that it would be non-functioning, stagnant, and problematic.  There’s this annoying thing called checks and balances, and it has nothing to do with your online bank account.  The Founding Fathers wanted it to be a system of compromise and slow progress.

Maybe the problem is that we have no patience?  Instance gratification required!

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