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Optimism without bias

by on September 17, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to write optimistically without bias. Those of you who read my blog know that I try to write about more just myself — that is, I try to universalize what I write — and so I do not wish just for myself to know how to write without bias, but how I can do so for better reading, etc.
However, I do not know that it is possible to write without bias. Certainly not on politics. If I write about taxes, I write about taxes for how they would best benefit me; if I write about infrastructure I write about how city or country, developed or undeveloped land, is my preference; if I write about social policy, I write about my views.
Now, why write optimistically without bias? The media has recently received much attention (from itself?) for paying attention to completely pointless stories, as it often does. It entered my head, then, to create something to called The Optimist Media, or something of the sort, which concentrates on stories and looks at the good, optimist, part of the story. Clearly, if I write something, there will be some bias. So is an optimist media possible?

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