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New York, New York

by on September 2, 2010

My apologies for my absence of a week, just when it looked like I would start writing blogs again.  I left for a long weekend to visit my brother in New York City.  That is a city that has it all.  Transportation.  Business.  People.  Art.  Culture.  More people.  Parks.  Education.  And people everywhere you look. 

In one of the busiest cities on Earth you are never alone, and always amidst strangers.  If you see someone in New York City, and don’t know them, you’ll never see them again.  They just vanish amidst the crowd, to be replaced by another interesting-looking stranger.  In a strange sense, although you are never alone, you are always alone; just watching humanity pass you by, each person intent on their own task.

What did I see in the Big Apple?  Well, I saw the Big Apple itself, CitiField (Taxpayer’s Stadium), at a distance (I was looking at it from Arthur Ashe Stadium, watching the  opening day of the US Open.  I saw some sights, including New Jersey, from the a harbor cruise tour.  I saw the Guggenheim.  I saw the United Nations – and let me comment briefly on how unknowledgeable most of the people, including those who choose to visit the UN, are about basic programs, like UNICEF, ECOSOC, how the Security Council works, the number of countries, or  And I saw a good cross-section of New York City in all that I did.

So, welcome back, me.

There is some political news I should like to comment on, but now is not the time for that.   Another post will come, with more discourse on my views of the way of man.

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