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by on May 4, 2010

Actually, although the topic is Miranda, it’s not the case that I want to talk about. However, HuffingtonPost will be happy to elaborate on why and how the Republicans don’t like Miranda when it doesn’t suit them. Rather, the part that leads me to comment is the lastof the blurbs by HuffPo. This in particular struck a nerve:

(in relation to the case in Times Square last weekend)

I don’t think you call it victory. I think victory would be being able to prevent these before they get to that point where you have a loaded van in Times Square,” he said. “I think it’s more a question of lucky. The fact that the van started to smoke and we had a courageous individual who went out and notified the police and then we have a great police and fire department that reacted brilliantly.

No, it’s not a victory. As Dumbledore would remind us we must fight the battle, and if we win, get up and fight again, and there will always be some Dark Wizard that must be fought. But, back to politics….I wonder if Pataki ever figured out why police exist. I’m guessing not, because there are very few classes on the subject, and it’s not a dinner table discussion. You have to think about these things, which is something many politicians don’t realize. There’s a circulo-linear path to this, as there is to most of politics, and many other things besides. Citizens go about their daily business, earning money or looking for ways to earn money; in order to protect themselves from losing their property (including money); the citizens hire police, with common money (taxes, anyone?); the citizen that is self-interested — that is, cares about his, or his community’s, property — does not only expect police to provide protection — the citizen looks out for himself. I don’t know, but that seems pretty simple to me. That’s a not a bad thing, but it’s a thing that a former governor should be able to wrap his brain around.

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