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The Four Horsemen

by on April 10, 2010

Please read the satire, which is what Borowitz does:

“Michele and me, that’s two horsemen right there,” Gov. Palin told the exuberant crowd. “You add two more horsemen into the mix and we’ll be good to go.”
While the two politicians were cagey about what the duties of the aforementioned horsemen would be, Rep. Bachmann said, “You can bet it will be a mission to end all missions….”
“It’s a long list,” the source said. “If you add up everyone on the list the number you get is 666.”

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a ‘joke’ on the Biblical Four Horsemen, managed to to provide a narrow reading of the constitution during the 1910’s, ’20s, and up to 1937.  Their ideology of free market economics, without government intervention or regulation, helped create the Great Depression.

For Borowitz to call Palin and Bachmann two of the new Four Horsemen isn’t quite wrong.  Let’s hope it doesn’t become any more right.

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