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The triumvirate

by on March 8, 2010

In which I predict a glorious future.  This should not  be taken in jest; nonetheless, I cannot give you even a vague idea of a timeline.

I’m going to predict that the “three major religions,” the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world, is going to unite to take on … all other religions.  There will be internecine strife, but beside that there will be some grand (albeit very bad, much unwanted when it happens) unification.

Let me run through 2000 years of history.

1st-5th centuries: Christianity hates Judiasm, and the other way around, and Christianity helps create the Jewish Diaspora.

6th-10th centuries: Jews are wandering around Europe aimlessly, sometimes protected, sometime not.  (See also Septimania, which was once recognized as the a Jewish Kingdom with a King of the Jews, according to Holy Blood, Holy Grail.)  Islam comes into existence and dominates Turkey to the Persia, and west to Morocco.  Christianity dominates Europe, and there are the “Dark Ages” because the Church suppressed and burned almost all information that didn’t agree with it.

11th-14th centuries: The Crusades!  Muslims and Christians battle for control of the Holy land.  Jews either stay out of the battle or engage in crazy mercantile activity.  Referencing the same book, Jews slowly gain rights in Europe, especially in England and (oddly) Italy.

15th-18th centuries: America is ‘discovered’ and Christianized.  Jews become a norm in Europe, and sometimes people aren’t scared out of their wits by Jews.  Muslims have control of most of Serbia, and there were some fairly interesting battles in Austria that could have changed your religion forever.  There are, despite Christians and Jews mostly getting along (see especially Jews in England, Denmark, and liberal German states in the 17th century), religious wars.

Let me reemphasize that.  From the first century until past the 18th century, most of history is marked by religious wars.  While lots of other things happened, those things don’t make it into history textbooks.  And, for the moment, the point I wish to make is entirely about religion.

19th century: except for Germany of the 1840’s, where Marx engaged in a philosophical battle with his comrades, Jews and Christians learned to get along in Europe and America.  This left them nothing better to do than to emigrate to the Holy Land and continue a thirteen-century-old religious war.  Muslims retained good control over everything listed before – from the Magreb to Turkey.  The Jews and Christians that lived in the Caliphate mostly did very well.

20th century: after a great bloodbath that ended the Caliphate and devolved the Middle East into a great number of arbitrarily-drawn states emigration – mostly of Jews (who, despite the not complete intolerance in Europe, were seen as a ‘problem’) to Jerusalem increased, so did support of European countries to send settlers there.  While this didn’t go unsuccessfully, from the point of view of the settlers, the 1930’s and ’40s saw the death of fifty million Europeans.  World War II could be considered a religious war.  Indeed, WWII so decimated the Jews, and all of Europe, that not only did it lead to the creation of  a Jewish state, but the Christian West has wholeheartedly supported that state.  So, sometime after 1948 there was a great unification of Christians and Jews, and America saw  the rise of the neocon right, many of whom are Jews. And Muslims?

This unification of Christians and Jews, which took nineteen hundred years to reach, appears some what solid.  While there is anti-Semitism, there is not state-sponsored anti-Semitism in the West.  The conflict now appears to be between the Judeo-Christian ‘world’ and the Muslim ‘world.’  Now, I have made a prediction about the future, and all that history was necessary to explain my prediction.  I didn’t include any theology, assuming that you (my reader) would know that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all look to the same God (by a different name) and revere the same past.  So, now we have come to a great unification of Jews and Christians.

I cannot tell you how or when, but I say that there will be a great triumvirate of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  And there shall be nothing worth fighting against.

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